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American Consortium To Provide Uganda With Cheap Internet

President Yoweri Museveni has met with a consortium of four American companies – Global IP, Boeing, Hughes Networks and Space X owned by billionaire Elon Musk – which expressed interest in investing in Uganda in order to provide the country with fast and reliable Internet services through satellite technology.

The four companies are based in the United States of America that have variously specialized mainly in aeronautics and space engineering sciences.

The President and his guests discussed the mode under which the consortium will provide cheap but 100% efficient Internet services throughout the country.

The consortium intends to co-invest with the Government of Uganda in satellite technology that is cheaper and reliable.

Mr Museveni and the delegation agreed on the necessity of a study on which the government will derive the necessary information regarding the costs and the way forward.

The delegation of investors, through their leader and Chief Executive Officer of Global IP Broadband Services, Mr. Braham Paourmand, said that satellite Internet technology is not all out to compete with the existing fibre backbone system but rather to complement it in making it possible to have internet in areas where the fibre backbone system cannot reach.

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