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Ambiance Group’s Kiyimba Reveals How I&M Bank Has Been Key To The Growth Of His Business Empire

Joseph Kiyimba, the man behind Ambiance Group of Companies

In Uganda’s vibrant business scene, enduring partnerships often signify a robust bond and mutual reliance. Joseph Kiyimba, the man behind Ambiance Group of Companies, widely known for his streak of Ambiance nightclubs, strongly identifies with this concept.

As a long-term banker with I&M Bank, Kiyimba recently revealed that he has witnessed the evolution of both his business empire and the banking sector. Kiyimba lauded I&M Bank for making him one of the primary beneficiaries of its products and services.

Ambiance Group, a conglomerate encompassing ventures like Ambiance Tree Farm, Ambiance Discotheques, Ambiance Distillers, and Metro Junior Schools, stands as a testament to his entrepreneurial acumen and the unwavering support from I&M Bank, since he started banking with the institution in April 2021.

Kiyimba has benefited from a range of financial products and services provided by the bank to support his ventures over the years. He highlighted that he has been a beneficiary of services including financial support in form of working capital, that has bolstered the day-to-day operations of his businesses, temporary overdrafts- that bridge any short-term gaps in working capital, term loans that he has used for strategic investments like forest acquisitions, as well as asset-backed financing that was crucial for machinery procurement.

Kiyimba stated that he also had access to specialized financial solutions like Local Purchase Order (LPO) Financing. Th renowned businessman also hailed the bank for their seamless internet banking, which he says has has helped him streamline his day-to-day operations and enhanced efficiency across his business activities.

“I&M Bank has given me the freedom to do every business that I set out to do,” Kiyimba remarks, highlighting the bank’s flexibility and commitment to walk with him even amidst challenges.

“Honestly, as a client, I haven’t encountered any challenges with them. Our relationship has stood the test of time, and we’ve navigated all possible difficulties together. I applaud I&M Bank for being reliable partners even amidst the most turbulent of times,” he said.

For Kiyimba, the collaboration with the bank transcends mere financial transactions; it embodies a shared journey towards success. He proudly expresses; “whenever I have needed financial support, the bank has consistently been there for me. I consider them true partners for growth.”

Kiyimba’s remarks come at a time when the financial institution is gearing up for their golden jubilee celebrations across the East African region due this month (June 28). His revelations a renowned exemplify the strength of synergy and shared principles.


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