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Amb. Barbara O. Nekesa Hosted To Farewell Luncheon

Amb. Barbara Oundo Nekesa, was hosted to a farewell luncheon by the leadership of the Confederation of the Ugandans in Southern Africa ( COUSA).

COUSA is the umbrella body/Association that brings together all the Ugandan Associations in Southern Africa. 

The luncheon that took place at the Kreme Restaurant in Brooklyn was attended by over ten Chairpersons of Ugandan Associations in Southern Africa led by the President General of COUSA Moses Kibombo. The High Commissioner was accompanied to the luncheon by officials from the Mission.

On behalf of the various Ugandan Association leaders, the President General of COUSA Kibombo paid a glowing tribute to Amb. Nekesa for her exemplary leadership and teamwork. He described Amb. Nekesa as a distinguished and exceptional leader who had served Ugandans in the Southern Africa diligently and equitably regardless of social strata for the four years she was in South Africa. 

Kibombo thanked the High Commissioner for having not only taken the services closer to the Ugandan community but also for ensuring that there was leadership and unity within and among the Ugandans living and working in Southern Africa. 

He requested the High Commissioner to lobby the powers that be, to ensure that COUSA is given due recognition by the government so that it gets considered for funding as is the case with UNAA and the UK Convention. 

Kibombo wished the High Commissioner and her family well and good luck in her new assignment. 

In her remarks, Amb. Nekesa conveyed a message of gratitude to Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda for availing her the opportunity to serve as the High Commissioner of the Republic of Uganda to South Africa for the last four years. 

Amb. Nekesa also appreciated the Ugandan community in South Africa in general and specifically the community leadership for the excellent working relations she enjoyed during her tenure in South Africa. She requested the Community to accord the same support to her successor for continued harmonious work relations with the Mission and furtherance of the development of Uganda.

The High Commissioner urged the community to stick together and support each other, invest back home, register with the Mission to enable proper government planning and to always support government programs by cooperating with the Mission. 

She indicated that she will always be available for consultation and guidance whenever contacted.

Amb. Nekesa thanked the leadership of the community for the kind gesture of the farewell luncheon. She urged the Ugandan community to always look out for one another and be each other’s keepers.

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