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5 Eye Sebei Cooperative Union Top Position

Seventy-two co-operative societies across Sebei sub-region are to decide who is to take the Union top position for the next four years in an election slated for September 30.

Five people have declared their interest for the top position of the chairperson Sebei Elgon Cooperative Union (SECU), triggering campaigns at the various primary cooperative societies. The candidates are Emmy Sayekwo the incumbent, George Kiprotich Cheywa, Sabila Hero, Issa Satya, and Moses Kubarika.

The elections will be presided over by the Registrar of Cooperatives, at Sebei Cooperative Union Head offices in Kapchorwa.

Malinga Tenderessy, the SECU Secretary Manager, reveals that the mode of elections shall be by lining up of the delegates behind the candidates of their choices. The Registrar will then declare and announce the results.

Tenderessy urges the primary cooperative society representatives to vote for a leader who champions the development of the union.

Justin Yeko, the district commercial officer, says organizing free and fair elections of SECU is paramount for the development of the commercial sector in the three districts of Bukwo, Kween and Kapchorwa.

“Our mandate as districts is to see that farmers are guided and engaged on how to make money through agriculture, so the leader who will be elected to the position is fundamental to implementation of development programs, “ said Yeko.

Emmy Soyekwo, the incumbent chairperson of SECU, who is also in the race for the third term, says organizing elections for the Union is a sign of democracy in the cooperative union.

“Such an event is a sign of transparency and it gives the primary cooperative societies privilege to exercise their mandate of choosing a leader of their choice,” said Soyekwo.

Kalifani Chemutai, one of the delegates from the Sipi Primary Society, says that the delegates shall decide whether the current system was performing or not.

“This election will help us to rate the leadership of the union. If they performed well, we retain them, and if they didn’t meet the expectations of the farmers, we remove them,” said Chemutai.

Sebei Cooperative Union conducts its polls during the fourth Annual general meeting of the reigning board administration. The election on Friday, September 30, shall be the 27th edition since the founding of SECU in 1964.


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