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You’re Acting On Fake Intel, Archbishop Lwanga Tells M7

Kampala Archbishop, Cyprian Lwanga Kizito has revealed President Yoweri Museveni is being misled by his intelligence agencies who claim the prelate wants to overthrow the government.

Lwanga made these remarks on Friday while addressing Christians who turned up for the way of the cross.

“I was told that Government has recruited spies within the church and they have been given a lot of money- I was told that the spies have reported back that I want to overthrow Government,” Lwanga said.

Lwanga has been critical of Museveni’s government blaming it of various ills including corruption.

He added, “But I have one message for you Mr President, those people are your enemies. You people in ISO, CMI, Police, stop telling the president lies, Mr president your mind is being poisoned and you are acting on that.”

His criticism of Museveni increased during lawmakers’ attempts to eliminate the presidential age limit from the constitution late last year.

The age cap was eventually scrapped.


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