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Umeme: We Consume 90,000 Electricity Poles Annually

Umeme: The new upgraded Gulu substation

Umeme’s newly upgraded Gulu substation

In line with Government of Uganda’s Strategy to support local content under the Buy Uganda Build Uganda policy, Umeme’s purchases for electricity poles from local farmers now stands 90,000 annually.

Umeme has since 2008 been consuming electricity poles from 6 local suppliers who buy from farmers, cure them and sell to the utility.

Mr Selestino Babungi, Umeme’s Managing Director says on average, the utility buys 90,000 treated poles per annum.

“Umeme sources for poles, wooden and concrete, from Ugandan entities in line with the Government’s Buy Uganda Build Uganda policy. As such anybody that has planted trees has to deal with the contracted companies. We encourage them to reach out to those companies,” he said.

Babungi says there is responsibility on their part as well to conserve the environment, through use of concrete pole technology where appropriate.

In its 2020 Annual Report, Umeme noted that wooden poles continue to be integral in line construction. It committed to procure wooden poles from environmentally responsible suppliers who have established large sustainably managed forest plantations.

“This ensures that the poles we use are harvested sustainably to mitigate effects on the environment and climate change,” the report states.

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