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Uganda’s David B. Ofungi Appointed To The World Chambers Federation Council

David Bikhado Ofungi (pictured), a senior advisor of the Uganda Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has been appointed to the World Chambers Federation (WCF), a governing body that brings together all Chamber of Commerce from across the world.

The Chair of the International Chamber of Commerce World Chambers Federation, Nicolas Uribe Rueda, announced the appointment, along with the appointment of other members to the General Council for the 2023-2025 period.

The WCF is a critical institution that strengthens the institutional capacity of Chamber of Commerce organisations to support Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) worldwide. The Council is committed to tackling four of the world’s most pressing issues: women empowerment, digitalisation, sustainability, and facilitating access to global markets for small businesses.

Commenting on Bikhado’s appointment, WCF Chair Nicolas Uribe said, “Bikhado’s profile is very strong, and the representation of the African continent on the Council is vital. Ofungi’s appointment will provide greater representation for regions of the world that traditionally haven’t enjoyed much representation.”

Bikhado expressed his gratitude for the appointment, emphasising the responsibility of tapping into a global network of over 45 million enterprises that fall under the ICC/World Chambers Federation. He also highlighted the opportunity to present Uganda’s investment potential to the world.

“This appointment comes with the huge responsibility of on one hand, helping the myriad of companies in Uganda tap into a global network of over 45 million enterprises that fall under the ICC/World Chambers Federation and on the other, presenting the huge investment opportunity that our country offers to the world,” David Bikhado said.

The President of the Uganda Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Olive Kigongo, lauded Bikhado’s appointment, noting that he serves as a useful resource to the Chamber. As senior advisor of the Chamber, he has been instrumental in configuring the organization’s strategy, as they embark on a new chapter in their journey. She further highlighted Bikhado’s commercial interests, centered around financial advisory, conferencing, industrialization, public-private partnerships, and innovation. His firms have carried out extensive projects for the European Union, UNCDF, Agriculture Business Initiative, the government of Uganda, and numerous private sector companies.

David Bikhado serves on Uganda’s Public Private Partnership (PPP) board under the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development. He is also a member of the National Steering Committee on National Research & Innovation Program under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, and a member of the Innovation Panel of Uganda’s National Social Security Fund (NSSF).

The new governing council member has previously consulted for Development Partners in the Uganda market with emphasis on non-bank equity and debt capital– for organisations like the European Union, the International Finance Corporation, the African Development Bank and UNCDF.

He founded and curates the Mkutano series of Conferences that seeks to harvest actionable opinions from high level private and public sector players on sustainable economic development. Additionally, he served as East Africa Director for Blue Financial Services between 2012 and 2016.

Ofungi received a degree in Chemical Engineering and Diploma in Industrial Studies from Bradford University, UK and an PGDip in Management from Nottingham Business School, UK.

The appointment is expected to strengthen the WCF’s capacity to better serve the interests of MSMEs worldwide, promote sustainability, empower women, and facilitate access to global markets for small businesses.

His expected to leverage his position to highlight Uganda’s potential for foreign investment and Tourism destination considering the exposure to such a world wide network. His experience and expertise in the field will undoubtedly contribute to this goal.

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  1. Nakimera Donam

    On waiting

  2. Noel Assah

    Congratulations, David. This is a milestone and I am confident that you are going carry the mantle and raise Ugandan flag so high. All I wish you is wisdom to executive this task with flying colors. God bless you.


    Congratulations brother Ofungi. As you rise there, look back to us from the motherland.
    Wish you a good carrier in Jesus Name

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