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Uganda’s Coffee Exports For FY2021/22 Hit 6.26 Million Bags Despite Drought

Coffee exports for 12 months (Financial year 2021/22) totaled 6.26 million bags worth US$ 862.28 million compared to 6.08 million bags worth US$ 559.16 million the previous year (Financial year 2020/21). This represents an increase of 3% and 54% in both quantity and value respectively, the UCDA June Coffee Report reveals (
Uganda’s coffee exports for the month of June amounted to 530,365 60-kilo bags of coffee valued at US$ 83.79 million. This comprised 444,197 bags of Robusta valued at US $60.98 million and 86,168 bags of Arabica valued at US$ 22.82. This was a decrease of 14% in quantity but an increase of 43% in value compared to the same month last year.
Farm-gate prices for Robusta Kiboko averaged UGX 2,600 per kilo; FAQ UGX 6,450 per kilo, Arabica parchment UGX 10,500 per kilo and Drugar UGX 9,500 per kilo.
Robusta exports accounted for 84% of total exports higher than 77% in May 2022. By comparing quantity of coffee exported by type in the same month of last Coffee Year
(June 2021), Robusta decreased by 21.44% in quantity but increased by 21.37% in value.
The decrease in Robusta exports was mainly attributed to lower yields this year that were
characterized by drought in most regions. This led to a shorter main harvest season in Central and Eastern regions and reduced harvests from Greater Masaka and South-
Western regions whose peak is expected in July 2022.

Arabica exports increased by 62.77% and 174.46% in quantity and value respectively,
due to an on-year cycle characteristic of Arabica coffee production. Arabica fetched
an average price of US$ 4.41 per kilo. Okoro CP/B from West Nile sold at the highest price
of US$ 7.23 per kilo.
Ten exporters out of 55 companies which performed during June exported 74% of the
total volume.
Italy maintained the highest market share of 40.25% followed by Germany 11.34%,
Sudan 10.35% (10.74%) India 7.42% (7.27%) and Morocco 4.82% (1.95%). Coffee exports to Africa amounted to 109,506 bags, a market share of 21% compared to 70,782 bags (16%) the previous month.
Coffee exports for July are projected to be 600,000 bags.

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