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Uganda Baati Advocates For Green Manufacturing, Supports ‘The Score A Tree Campaign’

Uganda Baati officials in a group photo with Uganda Hockey representatives

Uganda Baati Ltd, a member of Safal Group is pleased to announce the continuation of its longstanding partnership with Uganda Hockey as the Title Sponsor of the National Hockey League.

With the League as the Premier Hockey Competition Platform in the country, bringing together the best and most talented hockey sportsmen and women.

Hockey is the 3rd most popular game in the world, with over 2.2 billion fans, we are happy to associate with this brand.

The platform also offers the perfect opportunity for community development and corporate sustainability, under our Corporate social investment pillar, the Environment.

Uganda Baati has been deliberate in promoting green manufacturing, The Score A tree campaign is one way of addressing these environmental changes, using sports as a subtle platform in creating awareness about the need for sustainable practices like planting more trees.

Under the ‘Score a Tree’, Uganda Baati and Uganda Hockey commit to planting a tree for each goal scored throughout the course of the season.

National Forestry Authority has identified 5 Hectares within Mabira Forest to which this partnership shall focus its restoration activities this year. In future, this coverage is envisioned to grow.

The partnership bewteen Uganda Baati and Uganda Hockey seeks to plant one million trees

Climate change is one of the most pressing paradoxes of our time, as we strive for industrial growth as a responsible organization, we are mindful of the traditional environmental impact of production and we have put in place tangible ways to drive sustainable practices both within our manufacturing facilities, across the supply chain, and through our community engagements. We are therefore cognizant of the fact that we need to safeguard Uganda from additional threats of climate change.

“We are blessed to be given an opportunity to contribute to combating climate change, through environmental conservation efforts under the programs of Uganda Baati and encourage the athletes to score beyond their own abilities to see to it that we plant as many trees as practically possible,” said George Arodi, the Business Head Uganda Baati.

“We are grateful for the continued support of Uganda Baati to our efforts to keep developing the sport in Uganda. This sponsorship dates from 2018, a historical partnership whose products made history representing the country at the Africa Cup of Nations in Accra Ghana earlier this year, we are truly grateful to Uganda Baati,” said Wafula Philip, The President of Uganda Hockey.

At UBL, sustainability is not an abstract global issue but a local focus area. The Company’s starting point is to continuously improve and minimise the environmental impact of its own operations and through this partnership, the company looks forward to planting 1 million trees by scoring one million goals.



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