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The Role of Comprehensive Insurance in Your Car’s Lifelong Journey

In the lively city of Kampala – Uganda, people eagerly flock to car dealerships each month to fulfill their dream of owning a new car. The city streets burst with colorful vehicles of all kinds. However, many new car owners forget about the expenses of keeping their cars running smoothly. Some believe all they need is a valid driver’s license and fuel to drive. Few consider what might happen if they have an accident or encounter unexpected problems.

To safeguard their cars and ensure a trouble-free journey, car owners in Kampala have various insurance options. While some opt for the mandatory Motor Third-Party insurance, others, like Bernadette, emphasize the need for more comprehensive coverage.

Comprehensive insurance covers a wide range of incidents, including accidents, damage from animals, falling trees, natural disasters, theft, and vandalism. It also pays for injuries and damages to others. In addition to comprehensive insurance, there are different types of insurance to meet various needs. Motor Third-Party Only (TPO) insurance covers third-party liabilities when you cause an accident and is a legal requirement for all vehicles in Uganda. Third-Party Fire & Theft (TPFT) insurance provides extra protection by covering your car in case of fire damage or theft. Third-Party Enhanced (TPE) insurance goes even further in providing extensive coverage.

For those seeking maximum security, Comprehensive Insurance, the choice of Bernadette, offers comprehensive protection for the vehicle itself. It covers damages from accidents, theft, fire, and even riots. It also includes third-party liabilities, ensuring all-around coverage.

To Bernadette, the standard Motor Third-Party insurance isn’t enough. She firmly believes, “My car is valuable, and I won’t leave its safety to chance. With comprehensive insurance, I’m protected from unforeseen accidents or damages, even when I encounter reckless drivers.”

Having been in an accident before, Bernadette appreciates the favorable terms of her insurance policy. ICEA LION’s flexible installment payment options make it even more appealing, allowing her to safeguard her investment without financial strain.

But Bernadette isn’t alone in recognizing the importance of comprehensive insurance. Edith Kuteesa, an experienced car importer and seller, advises all her clients to secure this essential coverage before hitting the road with their new vehicles. For Edith, it’s about ensuring the cars’ safety and their owners’ peace of mind.

Moses K. Mugalu, the Marketing & Communications Lead at ICEA LION, agrees wholeheartedly. He emphasizes that while all insurance types are crucial, Motor Comprehensive Insurance offers unmatched reassurance, especially for those embarking on long journeys. Without it, one risks depleting their savings due to rising car repair costs.

“Every insurance type matters, but Motor Comprehensive Insurance provides peace of mind for your investment in case of unforeseen events,” says Mugalu.

Despite its benefits, a 2020 report from the Insurance Regulatory Authority revealed that most car owners preferred Motor Third-Party insurance, leaving their vehicles vulnerable. Only 15% had comprehensive coverage like Bernadette.

Motor Insurance safeguards you from financial loss if your vehicle, its accessories, or spare parts are stolen or damaged due to an accident, fire, or riots. Your policy also covers third-party liabilities, compensating others if you cause an incident or injury. ICEA LION offers both commercial and private motor insurance solutions, including Comprehensive, Third-Party Only, Third-Party Fire & Theft, Third-Party Enhanced, and Motorcycle Comprehensive Insurance.

It’s evident that comprehensive insurance plays a pivotal role in a car’s journey. Whether it’s Bernadette, Edith, or any car owner, ICEA LION’s Motor Comprehensive Insurance provides the confidence to navigate life’s unpredictable roads.

So, as you embark on your car journey, remember the importance of comprehensive insurance.

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