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The Innovation Village Partners With CIT To Provide Tech Trainings To Low-income Earners

The Innovation Village has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with CODEIT Institute of Technology

The Innovation Village has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with CODEIT Institute of Technology (CIT) to provide software development training to technologists in Uganda.

The training targets students seeking to improve their skills and a software development career growth in Python, Cloud and Blockchain technologies for a period of 6 months for every cohort.

During the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, the CEO CIT Institute of Technology, Mr Da’shone Hughey noted the partnership with The Innovation Village marks the first step in many partnerships to come across the East African region. He said, “We are excited to roll out this partnership in Uganda with The Innovation Village, an entity whose vision aligns with ours in exploring the potential of the youth in our communities. We are looking to expand farther to all countries in the East African region. However, our biggest focus is on training low-income earners in high level technology, especially women to ensure that graduates are able to create a Generation of wealth through the use of technology.”

According to the Global Micro Database by the UNWomen and World Bank, youths between 20-34 years are likely to be poor and without employable skills women affected more than men.

CIT stands out as a Software Engineering Education Provider by insisting on pushing the boundaries of technology and has since created a concept of providing software engineering training for, low income unemployed, underemployed, women and other underrepresented groups in the very latest programming languages.  

The training will be free for the first 100 participants and will offer a paid internship for those who graduate from the program.  

The role of the Innovation Village in this partnership will be to select trainees for the program, offer physical meeting space (where necessary) and mentorship to participants.

While speaking about the partnership, CK Japheth, the Team Lead at The Innovation Village noted the partnership with CIT is very welcome and in line with The Village’s mission to enable and unlock potential among the youth through the use of technology. He said, “I am excited to begin this conversation and understand where we could go. Opportunities like this were never available in our times, therefore youths should pay close attention to how they can create generational wealth and success for other young people. Technology is the future, and we can’t not run or shy away from it.”  said CK Japheth, Team Lead of The Innovation Village.  

He encouraged young people to be shrewd and take up opportunities and make it count especially in a dynamic world.

“We were equally inspired by the unlimited opportunities to tap into that potential while building The Innovation Village. Almost every industry in every business for every function needs software engineering to operate efficiently. We cannot adopt if we have no software developers familiar with the latest technology trends and neither can we integrate our operations through the use of technology. It is the immense opportunities that technologies such as these trainings and the potential among our youth that strengthen our belief in the use of technology and its ability to transform our communities.” he said.

The training will be held online, targeting participants from across Uganda including all the Innovation Village locations (Mbarara, Jinja, Gulu and Kampala). Participants who do not have access to the internet will meet physically at the Innovation Village whenever they want to.

“We couldn’t pass up this partnership opportunity especially because the technologies and languages being used are what most developers are interested in. For anyone tech savvy, you would know that Python, Cloud, and Blockchain are the next big thing, said Solomon Opio, the Technology Community Manager at The Innovation Village.

The program will run for 20 weeks after which participants will make presentations on the products they would have developed during the course of the program. The training begins in February 2021 with orientation happening on the 5th of February 2021.

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