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Tanzanian Detained For Lesbian Kiss

Police in north western Tanzania have detained a woman after a video emerged showing her apparently sharing a celebratory kiss with another woman, BBC reports.

In the video two women were apparently seen hugging and kissing each other while dancing together in a room with a number of people taking pictures and recording videos.

The video was widely shared on social media platforms and generated a wide discussion with the majority criticising the women and accusing them of engaging in what they called an “anti-Tanzanian cultural practice”.

The video appears to show them at an engagement party, a local newspaper reports.

One opposition member of parliament shared the video clip on his twitter account and called for the home affairs minister and police to take action against the couple.

He questioned how the two women could engage in such a practice in a video recording.

According to a local newspaper, police in Geita said they have arrested one of the women for questioning on what it terms as “illegal practices”.

Homophobic sentiments are high in Tanzania and homosexuality is a crime which is punishable by up to 30 years in jail.


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