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Tanzania Seizes 4 Tonnes Of Imported Used Underwear



Tanzania’s standards watchdog has seized four tonnes of used underwear in an ongoing crackdown in the east African nation’s northern zone regions, an official said on Sunday.

“Most of the imported used underwear were impounded in Arusha and Kilimanjaro regions during a special crackdown that lasted two weeks,” said Rhoida Andusamile, head of public relations for state-owned Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS).

The government has banned the importation of used underwear and other substandard goods to protect citizens against diseases and other risks but traders were still importing them through illegal entry points, she said.


Ms Andusamile told Xinhua when reached by phone that TBS was getting in touch with relevant environment authorities to establish how best to dispose of the consignment.

“We are definitely going to burn them but we have to consult environment authorities to guide us on how to burn the used underwear without polluting the environment,” she said.

The official said the seized used underwear included socks, towels and underskirts, adding that the crackdown will be carried out across the country. 

“Most of the used underwear were seized from markets and shops in northern zone regions of Arusha, Kilimanjaro and Tanga,” said the official.

Ms Andusamile said TBS was currently conducting an inspection to identify substandard goods all over the country, a move aimed at protecting Tanzanians from health hazards associated with the use of second-hand products.

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