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State House Seeks Shs21.9bn To Procure New Vehicles For President, Vice President

Minister for Security Jim Muhwezi

The State House is seeking Shs21.9 billion to procure new vehicles for both the President and Vice president.

This has been revealed by Minister for Security, Jim Muhwezi while appearing before Parliament’s Committee on Presidential Affairs to table the indicative budget for the entity in the next financial year 2023/2024 totaling to Shs419.9 billion.

Muhwezi says that a 40 percent budget cut on the development budget of the entity affected the item and wants parliament to reconsider this given the aging fleet of vehicles for the principals.

Muhwezi also wants State House to be availed with Shs30 billion to deal with an ongoing demand of presidential donations and pledges and also clear outstanding pledges.

The other money needed is meant to cater for the increasing numbers of staff and special forces command officers.

Bugiri District Woman MP, Agnes Taaka tasked State House to furnish the committee with a list of pledges to help them understand how many are outstanding

The chairperson of the committee, who is also the Adjumani district Woman MP, Jessica Ababiku asked for a progress report on state lodges in the country especially those they have promised to construct.

In a related development, The Office of the President has asked Parliament to approve the request of Shs4.23Bn for the procurement of medals to be awarded to visiting heads of state, warning that the failure to provide the said funds will put President Museveni through untold embarrassment.

“The stock of medals in form of the most excellent in form of Pearl of Africa Medals has run out and need replenishment. These are honours bestowed on visiting heads of states of government and therefore pose a risk for failure to decorate an invited head of state with national honour. This puts the President into untold embarrassment and so Shs4.23Bn is required in the MTEF Ceiling to the Office of the President to facilitate the Investiture ceremonies and procurement of these medals and awards,” Minister Muhwezi said.

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