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From Shs800, 000, Namisango Has Built A Reputable Cleaning Company

After graduating from Makerere University with a Bachelor’s degree in Development Policy Science and Management, Betty Namisango Nakiyuuni didn’t have to look for a job because she was already working for a top company.

But her entrepreneurship spirit couldn’t allow her remain  employed; she quit the job and started a mobile cleaning company; Prestige Professional Cleaners Ltd, where she earns an average net profit of Shs5m per month.

Namisango, 29, says her entrepreneurship journey started small in 2014 while still a student.
“At campus I used to work for a cleaning company as an administrator and that’s where I drew inspiration from,” Namisango says, adding that she naturally prefers a clean environment.

Namisango in her office

She adds that she partnered with Paul Ssendawula, a brother to start the Entebbe based company that provides a range of services including regular
mowing, office cleaning, weed control, window cleaning, garbage
collection, fumigation, mobile car wash and floor polishing among others.

“We started with Shs800, 000 and occasionally hired a cleaning machine at Shs30,000 to do all sorts of cleaning depending on the work available,” she says, adding: “I started with one permanent cleaning staff and myself  plus mobile ones that I paid on daily basis.”

She says a friend; Umar Ntale helped her much at the start by giving her materials on credit.

Growing The Business

She says to grow a business like hers, professionalism and marketing play a big role.
“Being a business development specialist, I aggressively marketed my company. I can now earn an average profit of Shs5m per month,” she says adding that the worth of her company is now over Shs50m.

She also employs over 10 people and has bought four good machines to ease her work

Namisango says she has about 15 clients on contract and many more who call her whenever they need her services.

Nimisango’s notable clients in Entebbe include Victoria Services, the Hotel
Residence and Dr. Sam Kaggwa among other prominent personalities’ residential homes she doesn’t reveal due to contractual obligations.

“My charges start from Shs50, 000 upwards depending on
the size of the job,” she says.


“At 29, I have some properties like land,” she says, adding that she is also self-reliant.

She says she has built a good relationship with her clients, who in turn connect her to others.


Namisango says it requires patience to run this particular kind of business, noting that materials used are quite expensive.

“Some detergents go as high as Shs350, 000 – Shs400, 000 for just 20litres.
Even machines are expensive, but I have now most of them,” she says, adding  that many people view fumigators in the image of hawkers, so  they don’t embrace them immediately for they mistake them for thieves.

Namisango adds they are sometimes mistaken for spies especially when they go to market to residential areas.


Namisango advises women to follow their passion.

“Women should open their minds. I started small but I had passion of what I was doing. You don’t have to fear anything as long as you’re determined and know what you want,” she says.


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