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Salva Kiir Not Mentally Ill: Spokesperson

South Sudan President Salva Kiir says he is mentally fit and not sick, despite reports to the contrary, which he descried as a political propaganda.

Kiir, who spoke through his press secretary, said he is fit, in good health and carrying out his constitutional mandate.

“The president is in good health and fit to continue to lead this nation. If he is sick, the government will come out and tell the people of South Sudan of his health. But now there is no problem,” Ateny Wek Ateny told Sudan Tribuneon Sunday.

“What Dr. Mawien [Mawien Akot] said is a lie. It is not true”, he said.

Mawien, a South Sudan-Canadian physician said the young nation faces a “dysfunctional system” and Kiir is “detached from his advisers and generals”.

“The president is in sound mind, but he could be under influence. I treat most of the generals and most of them are so sick. Even when the president appears in public, he is not in sound mind and physical appearance,” said Mawien.

“The president is not in his mental and physical capacity to rule the country. What he says are not his words”, he further added.

Mawien, who claimed he worked at the presidential health unit, accused some people around the South Sudan leader of drawing money from the war-torn nation in “fraudulent” ways.


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