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Police Storm Church Premises, Rescue Woman Tortured For Disobeying Pastor

Sarah Kwagala in one of the dormitories at Jinja based Universal Church of Righteousness.

Police have stormed the headquarters of Universal Apostle’s Fellowship Church of Righteousness (UAFCR) in Magwa Village in Southern Division, Jinja City and rescued a woman from one of the dormitories. 

The 25-year-old, Sarah Kwagala had burns and wounds on her buttocks. She is currently receiving treatment in the emergency unit of Jinja Regional Referral Hospital.  

Kwagala, who was lying helplessly on the floor, told journalists that her colleagues battered her severely for disobeying the commands of the overseer of the Church, Fred Isanga alias “Prophet David”.       

“I misbehaved and sinned against our prophet, which prompted some of my colleagues to beat me up. They claimed that it was an act of instilling discipline in me. However, I am in too much pain,” she said. 
She added: “We are many here and living in congested dormitories but one of the ladies whose names I cannot recall now poured hot water on me. I have not received meaningful treatment ever since.” 


Patrick Munyirwa, one of the leaders of the fellowship, says that Kwagala suffers from persistent mental breakdowns and has severally attempted to commit suicide, only to be blocked by her colleagues.   

Jinja Deputy Resident City Commissioner, Peter Banya says that they conducted the operation following a tipoff from whistleblowers who informed them how the church leadership was confining people against their will.

“On inspecting the dormitories, we noticed that Kwagala was lying helpless on the floor without any signs that she was receiving any form of medication. We actually noticed that about 100 children and teenagers alike were confined in one place without adherence to the Standard Operating Procedures-SOPs,” he said.    

The Kiira Region Police spokesperson, James Mubi, says that the church was holding gatherings contrary to the presidential directives banning such meetings. 

He says that security personnel held a closed meeting with the concerned parties where they resolved that the church leadership register all members found in their premises and enforces the SOPs within three days.  

“We shall tightly monitor the activities of this church to ensure that they adhere to all the SOPs and presidential directives aimed at controlling the spread of COVID-19,” he said.      


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