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Pastor Banished From Gulu Main Market Over Theft Of Shs 1.3 Million

Gulu Main Market authorities have banished Samuel Obedi,32, a Pastor from Hope Tabernacle Ministry in Gulu City for theft of Shillings 1 million.

Trouble for pastor Obedi started after he was netted on Thursday morning for picking Shillings one million three hundred and twenty thousand from the drawer of his colleague, Charles Lukwiya.

He was spotted by Yasin Onekalit who was waiting for Lukwiya outside his lock-up when Obedi sneaked in and pocketed the money. Onekalit says that he immediately notified, Ford Onyegiu, the head of security in the market prompting Obedi’s arrest.

Upon his arrest, Obedi pleaded guilty and produced the money claiming that he was possessed by Satan when he stole it. Both Obedi and Lukwiya are dealers of general merchandise.

Patrick Omaya, the Chairperson of Gulu Main Market, says that they immediately convened for disciplinary action as required by their constitution. He says that the disciplinary committee convened convicted the pastor on his own plea of guilt.

He was fined Shillings 200,000. which he paid immediately and ordered not to step foot within the market for a period of three months effective immediately or risk arrest.

Omaya claims that Obedi contravened article 4 of the constitution of Gulu Main Market, which states that, ‘’any vendor found guilty of theft or promoting the vice in the market will be suspended out of the market for 3 months and pay a penalty of 200,000 shillings.

Samuel Okello, a Senior Pastor at Hope Tabernacle Ministry, says that they were saddened by the action of their colleague noting that he will also face their disciplinary committee. Lucy Alum, a pastor from New Life Ministry asked fellow preachers to lead their flocks instead of perpetrating sins.

A group of clerics and faithful from the Hope Tabernacle Ministry tried to bribe our reporter with an unspecified amount of money to kill this story, saying it would tarnish their image and destroy their reputation.


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