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Parliament Warns MPs Against Corruption In Committees

Parliament of uganda

Parliament’s Business Committee has unveiled the agenda Parliament will focus on in the 11th Parliament, with MPs warned against corruption tendencies in Committees.

Joel Ssenyonyi, Chairperson Parliament’s Commissions Statutory Authority and State Enterprises (COSASE) told journalists at Parliament that during the meeting, the accountability committee Chairpersons were cautioned by Deputy Speaker, Anita Among against corruption tendencies in committee, noting that the vice is orchestrated between MPs and government officials to silence investigations.

 “The issue of corruption has been rampant. I have been in media for 14years and I have been hearing about corruption in Parliament. As leaders, we discussed about it. The responsibility to fight corruption starts with us Committee Chairpersons and I hear many MPs want to be members on that Committee because there are many deals,” Ssenyonyi said.

He added: “Me as a Chairperson, I will not accept that chaos. As MPs we should have reflection and commitment to our voters and ensure we are cautious about the needs of Ugandans who want to see that the taxes they pay are used efficiently.”  

The Business Committee comprises of Speaker Jacob Oulanyah who is also Chairperson, Deputy Speaker Anita Among, Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, Government Chief Whip Thomas Tayebwa, whips of Political Parties in Parliament, Leader of Opposition Mathias Mpuuga, opposition Chief whip John Baptist Nambeshe.

The Business Committee agreed to deal with pending business of the 10th Parliament including the Bills, petitions that were carried forward,

On Government’s side, emphasis will be put Amendments of the Land Act whose aim is to provide for the payment of dues by a Kibanja holder while protecting the rights of Mailo land owners.

During the Business Committee meeting, Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja said that the amendments to the Land Act will also provide for payment through the sub-county where the Mailo land owner is unavailable to receive payment. The law also aims to provide for the procedure of determining fair and adequate compensation of property following compulsory acquisition.

Top of the agenda in the meeting was caution to Prime Minister to ensure that Ministers are present during plenary sittings so as not to derail work of Parliament.

The Business Committee also discussed on how to avail opportunities to all MPs to participate on the floor of Parliament because of the bloated size of parliament whose members are 529 in number.

As such, Parliament resolved to have additional microphones, huge screens in addition to the few ones currently present in the tent Chambers. These will be further supplemented by one screen in front of her table to easily identify the MPs who have matters of National Importance from their constituents.  

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