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Parliament Okays Shs550m State House Daily Expenditure

The Parliament of Uganda has okayed Shs550m daily expenditure by State House, Business Focus Reveals.

Parliament approved State House budget after adopting a report by the Presidential Affairs Committee of Parliament on the ministerial policy statement and budget expenditure for 2017/2018 tabled by the Office of the President.

Recently State House presented a budget totalling to Shs233.228bn, of which Shs552m would be spent daily on nine items.

State House presented 36 items on which Shs233.228bn would be spent.

Shs31.66bn has been budgeted for travel in-land while Shs18.49bn has been budgeted for travel abroad in 2017/18.

State House seeks Shs3.49bn for meals and drinks in 2017/18, while Shs4.707bn in 2017/18 will be spent on welfare and entertainment.

According to the ministerial policy statement, State House will get Shs38, 4bn for classified expenditure.

State House will spend Shs7.25bn in vehicle maintenance in 2017/18, implying that Shs19.88m will be spent on a daily basis.

State House remuneration is also quite attractive, with Shs17.14bn set aside for staff allowances, while their training will cost the tax payer a whooping Shs78.04bn.

State House will also get Shs78.04bn for miscellaneous expenditure.


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