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Paint Industry Gets More Exciting As Sadolin Launches Moisture Tolerant Product

Sadolin Paint, first founded in 1907, has launched a new exterior wall paint, superior to other paints in the market, named Sadolin Wallguard.

Sadolin Wallguard not only offers the smooth finish and colour expected from high quality paint but also features unique Mouldex Moisture Resist technology.

Developed by an international task team to meet the harsh local climatic requirements, Sadolin Wallguard’s Mouldex Moisture Resist has a dual purpose.

It allows harmful trapped moisture to escape while creating an impermeable barrier that stops outside moisture from getting in.

This breakthrough technology makes Sadolin Wallguard’s performance superior to other paints and provides the assurance that paint work will resist mould attack for longer.

Commenting on the new product, Nathalie Sweeney, Marketing Director Akzo Nobel Sub-Sahara Africa said; “We are thrilled to launch Sadolin Wallguard, leading a comprehensive range of protective paints for walls, roofs and exterior surface preparation to address the damaging effects of humidity.”

Nathalie Sweeney, Marketing Director AkzoNobel Sub-Sahara Africa

“Humidity and mould can really make a house look old before it’s time but now with the new Sadolin Wallguard with Mouldex Moisture Resist, walls will look cleaner and mould-free for longer,” Sweeney added.

Deon Nieuwoudt (in featured photo), the Commercial Director East Africa at Akzo Nobel said that as Grand Masters of Protection since 1907, Sadolin does not only provide exceptional colour and finish to customers but also meets the modern exterior protection needs required from premium paint products.

“The new Sadolin Wallguard with Mouldex moisture resist specially made for Uganda offers ultimate protection and it gives longer lasting protection in extreme humidity,” said Mr. Nieuwoudt.

The new range of exterior paint products also boasts Sadolin Roofguard, a pure acrylic paint that offers roof tops excellent protection and durability; Sadolin Rainsheild, a flexible, fibre-reinforced water and crack resistant surface preparation waterproofing product for areas prone to water leaks and Dampshield, a low-odour, quick drying water based preparation product that stops the destructive effect of rising and penetrating damp.

These 4 new specialist exterior products together with well-known Sadolin Weather guard take exterior protection in harsh and humid climates to a whole new level.



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