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NRM, NUP Vet Candidates For Rakai By-Elections

Paul Muwonge (Right ), the Secretary NUP-Rakai, highlighting the party’s plan.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) and the National Unity Platform (NUP) have started vetting party members to be nominated for the four vacant positions in the upcoming residual and by-elections in Rakai District.

There are four vacant positions in the district which include  the Male Youth Councilor for Kifamba sub-county, Female representative for the Elderly in Lwentulege Town council, the female councillor for Persons with Disabilities for Lwamaggwa Town council, and Female representative for the Elderly in Mweruka Town Council.

The Kifamba Youth Councilor’s seat as well as the seat of the female representative for the elderly in Mweruka Town Council fell vacant after the death of the two elected leaders, one of them in an accident and another, due to natural causes.

For Lwentulege and Lwamaggwa town councils, a residual election was organized because no contestants showed interest in the positions during the general elections, according to Rakai  District Registrar Sylvia Tegyeza.

She explains that the nomination of candidates will will start on November 29 and conclude on November 30, 2021, while the campaigns will take place from December 2-14 ahead of elections to be conducted on December 15, 2021.

According to Paul Muwonge, the Secretary of the National Unity Platform in Rakai district, they are now working with the NUP leaders at the sub-county level to identify competent candidates for screening.  He says whoever makes it through the vetting process will be their flag bearer on these positions.  

Muwonge explains that they have enough support to regain the post of Kifamba Male Youth Councilor as well as all the other positions.

Rakai NRM Secretary Elisa Wangi Ssemanda says that they are already prepared to front experienced candidates for the four positions. He explains that they are already holdings meetings to advise on the steps to take in the by-elections.


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