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National Burial Policy In Offing

Government has resolved to develop National Burial Policy aimed at addressing challenges associated with the management state and official funeral ceremonies.

The State Minister for Public Service, David Karubanga told Members of Parliament on Friday that currently management of state and official burials is premised on the 1995 Constitution of Uganda, the emoluments and benefits of the President, Vice President and Prime Minister of 2010, the Public Service Standing Orders 2010 for Civil Servants, the Parliament Remuneration Of Members Act Cap 259 among others, but they still have gaps that need to be filled.

He said that the current provision of state and official burial has come under scrutiny and has had implementation challenges ranging from selection criteria, benefits, funeral package that is provided to those accorded and required finances.

He said that the Ministry of Public Service is waiting the cabinet to approve this policy and later taken to parliament for final approval.

It should be noted that Ngora District Woman MP, Jacqueline Amongin, on 20th November 2019 asked government to explain why there is a selective criteria used to accord fallen distinguished persons state or official burial.

Amongin demanded for eligibility criteria for state and official burials.

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