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Name & Shame Approach Raises Latrine Coverage In Atongtidi

Pit latrine coverage in Atongtdi Sub County in Kwania District has increased from 35 percent to 85 percent, Uganda Radio Network [URN] has learnt. Atongtidi had the poorest latrine coverage in the whole district after Aduku, Inomo, Nambieso, and Chawente Sub Counties.

A baseline survey conducted by Kwania District Health Officers in June 2022 showed that 3,705 households out of the 5,700 households in Atongtidi were answering nature’s call in bushes. The report prompted the Sub County council to enact a by-law to protect residents from getting hygiene-related infections.

Under the bylaw, latrine defaulters were to pay a fine of 100,000 Shillings. Moses Anok, the Atongtidi Sub County Health, and Education Secretary says that latrine coverage has shot up to 80 percent from the initial 35 percent. This implies that 4,845 households, out of the 5,700 households now have pit latrines.

He attributes the improvement to the name and shame campaign. He explained that the names of the latrine defaulters were announced at all burial places, which prompted many people to dig pit latrines in fear of shame.

Atongtidi Sub County speaker, James Adupa is excited about the improvement. He attributes the improvement to good media campaigns and enactment of the good policies by the local leaders.

Benedict Caka, the Health Assistant attached to Apwori Health Center III says that before the change in strategy, there were several cases of typhoid and diarrhea. He said the approach alongside other strategies would continue to improve on the latrine coverage in the area.

Patrick Onyum Okwang, the Atongtidi Sub County LC III Chairperson rallied the population to dig pit latrines to prevent hygiene-related diseases or else they risk facing the long arm of the law.

About 11.2 million people in Uganda do not have latrines according to records from the Ministry of Health. The government also loses 30 billion Shillings annually on the treatment of sanitation and hygiene-related diseases.


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