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Naked Revellers Banned From Kitagata Hot Springs

A row has erupted between authorities in Sheema District and residents of Kitagata town council following a ban on naked revellers visiting the hot springs.  

The authorities note that the move is aimed at ensuring that tourism at the hot springs is streamlined. However, the ban has received strong opposition from residents who have been traditionally visiting the hot springs.   The locals also protest the fine slapped on those found naked in the hot springs which is currently at 50,000 shillings. They want the authorities to reduced the fee to at least 20,000 shillings. 

Sylvia Ahumuza a resident says that the locals believe that bathing naked is vital for those who go there for healing. He says that the move will push away many people who have been thronging the area.

Kenneth Kabigumira an area resident believes that banning naked revellers in addition to putting in place a 50,000 shillings fine is unrealistic. He wants the authorities to first improve the state of the facility before setting up restrictions.

Nazario Bishanga the area chairperson says that the ban is welcome but should also be followed with efforts to improve its current shape. He says that the locals are being sensitized on the need for decency at the hot springs and asks the residents to look at the benefits that will come as a result of organized tourism at the facility.

Emmanuel Niwainebyoona, the LCV councillor for Kigarama Sub County says that the district is taking steps towards ensuring that the hot springs are tapped into to ensure that they are improved and can generate local revenue for the district.

Nicholas Kwarija, the Sheema District Speaker says that the decision to ban naked revellers was well thought about and is in good faith. 

Sheema LCV Chairperson David Kaibigumura says that the practice is uncalled for and must be stopped. He explains that naked revellers do not portray a good image of the district. 

Kabigumira argues that hundreds of tourists flock the area and are not comfortable with seeing naked revellers.


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