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MTN Slashes Internet Prices

MTN Uganda

Uganda’s giant telecommunications network, MTN Uganda has revised its internet bundles effective 14th July , 2017. The changes have mainly been effected in volumes of the MTN’s new social bundles, commonly known as the MTN Swift and MTN WTF.

MTN’s new social bundles
Revised Social Bundle Volumes

This comes after a number of MTN subscribers petitioned the regulator of Uganda’s telecoms, Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) over the unfair price changes.

“A preliminary assessment of the current pricing of your retail services indicates that there have been charges in your pricing of voice and data offerings. These changes were never communicated to the commission prior to their implementation,” said Mutabazi

“The commission now directs that you submit the most upto date schedule of the retail pricing for all regulated services and products available  on the MTN platforms. Furthermore, the commission directs that MTN provide detailed justification for all price changes implemented in the past 12 months, for which the commission was not notified in advance,” he added.

The Uganda Communications Commission is mandated under section 5(1) (e) of the communications Act 2013, to regulate rates and charges for communications services with a view to protecting consumers from excessive tariffs and to prevent unfair competitive practices.





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