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MTN In 10-Day Blood Donation Drive

MTN Uganda in partnership with the Uganda Blood Transfusion has launched a ten-day blood donation drive to enable the availability of blood.

The drive started on Friday at the MTN Nyonyi Gardens with staff members turning up to donate blood.

The aim of the drive is to help with efforts to deal with the blood shortage that exists in the country.

“Uganda is suffering a shortage of blood and what is important is that you, me and every able Ugandan can do something about it by joining the MTN Blood Drive. By donating blood, we are not just saving lives, we’re giving love and joy,” said Wim Vanhelleputte the CEO MTN Uganda, in a message to MTN staff as he encouraged them to be part of the drive.

According to UBTS, on top blood shortage, there is need for hospitals to have a steady supply of blood because it is one way of saving lives. Estimates from UBTS indicate that on annual basis about 340,000 units of blood are required. However, UBTS is only able to raise about 200,000 units, leaving a shortage of over 100,000 units. That explains the importance of the blood donation drives.

“The burden for us is big and since blood can only be collected from people, we would like to encourage everybody who is able, to turn up and donate. This will enable us deal with the current shortage of blood in the country. We appreciate the effort by MTN Uganda to ensure that this shortage is reduced,” said Dr. Dorothy Kyeyune, Director of UBTS.

The people often in need of the blood include children, pregnant mothers and accident victims, those undergoing surgery, sicklers and those suffering from HIV/AIDS.

“There is an opportunity to make a difference in the life of several Ugandans by joining the MTN Blood Drive. Our aim is to be able to collect as much blood as possible in order to save a life.

This blood drive has been organized at an opportune time in our year—just before the festive season, where it is critical to have a well-stocked blood bank to supply hospitals countrywide. For the next ten days, we are ensuring that there are several venues where the public can easily donate blood,” explained Dr. Paula Munderi, Trustee of the MTN Foundation.

The drive is being spearheaded by the MTN Foundation, the charity arm of MTN Uganda.



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