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MPs Want Mudslide Victims Resettled In Bududa

Bududa MPs are requesting the government to consider resettling mudslide victims within their own district of Bududa. 

This after the people who were affected during the 2010 Nametsi landslide and 2018 Bukalsi floods were taken to Kiryandongo  and Bulambuli districts respectively. 

During presentation of their memo to the prime minister Robina Nabanja in Bududa on Saturday, Milton Kamoti Wasunguyi  the Bududa district chairman, alleged that their people are being killed from Kiryandongo over land conflicts with the Banyoro.

He also said that the land which they took them to is not fertile to facilitate productive farming forcing them to come back to their land in Bududa.

Agness Nandutu, the Bududa woman MP and state minister for Karamoja affairs said resettling the people of Bududa in faraway places will not help them because they are used to their fertile areas where they can practice farming, adding that people were relocated to new environments where their productive farming skills and culture could not be applied like Kiryandongo and Bunambutye.

Isaac Modoi, the Lutseshe County MP said they are considering urbanization of the areas within the low land so that their people can be resettled there.

He asked the government to consider buying land and making urbanization centers where the people can stay and get back to farm in their land.

Prime minister Robina Nabbanja promised to table the matter to cabinet so that the people of Bududa can be resettled within their own district.

She said they would identify flat places within the district and would buy land and build for the people to settle as they go back to farm. 

Currently, over 200 people have been temporarily relocated to Bumwalye Primary school in Bulucheke sub county where they are staying as they wait for government action.

The affected and resettled people who spoke to us like Apolo Wenani, Sera Nabulo, Peter Mangobe hailed their MPs for supporting them, saying they were worried of going to Bunambutye and other places because they are used to their home land.


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