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MPs Protest Kaddunabbi Insurance Motion

Uganda is such an interesting country where wonders never cease! On Tuesday,  the leadership of Parliament decided to table a motion  to pay tribute to Alhaj Ibrahim Kaddunabbi Lubega, the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) Executive Director for being elected President of African Insurance Organisation.

However, the decision to include this motion on the order paper  was met with protest from sections of MPs, who found the motion time wasting and uncalled for.

Budadiri West MP, Nandala Mafabi protested the motion, arguing that allowing the it will open gates for motions of such nature to find their way on the floor of Parliament.

“I don’t know who the beneficiary of this motion is; whether it is Government or Private Member. If it’s government, they can include it in their policy statement. If we start allowing motions like these, even best dancers will have motions here,” Mafabi said.

Deputy Speaker, Jacob Oulanyah, who was chairing the session said the motion found its way on the order paper, having been cleared by the Business Committee.

However, Mafabi rejected Oulanyah’s response saying a Ugandan who was named as the best farmers should have a motion to his name, not Kaddunabbi.

Oulanyah maintained his stand pleading with Mafabi not to extend the argument and asked him to bring the motion of the best farmer.

The motion was presented by Henry Musasizi, the Rubanda East County MP, who described Kaddunabbi as a highly qualified insurance professional who has used his expertise to mentor others.

“He has transformed the sector from the little known to an increasing premium of Shs297 billion in 2011 to Shs700 billion in 2017,” Musasizi said.

Oulanyah Calls For Peace

Earlier on Deputy Speaker, Jacob Oulanyah called for unity among all players across the various political divide after the signing of the sharply divisive Age Limit Law.

In his Communication to the House, Oulanyah called on all MPs to put their differences behind and work to fulfill the expectations of their voters.

“I urge members to work together not divide, to see that we fulfill the expectations of our people as Parliamentarians in carrying out our oversight works, representations. We should promote harmony, understanding, and dialogue and engage ourselves other than doing the contrary,” he said.

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