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MOTIV Awards Shs23m Each To Winners Of Africa Creatives Challenge

Maganda Shakul, exhibiting his idea – Street Flash Mob concept during the challenge

Two creatives, Gloria Awori and Maganda Shakul, each walked away with $6,000 (approximately Shs22.8m ) in funding grants after winning the Africa Creative Challenge. This innovative competition aims to support creatives in the early stages of business development and ignite creative innovation within Uganda’s creative landscape.

The winners presented exceptional ideas in art, craft, and environmental sustainability, surpassing eight other teams to secure the award.

Shakul Maganda pitched “Street Flash Mob,” a project focused on transforming waste materials into new and useful artistic productions. This year-long initiative aims to raise environmental awareness and equip communities with the skills, knowledge, tools, and resources to convert waste into valuable resources, thus enhancing their income.

Gloria Awori proposed a contemporary jewelry school that offers in-person training in jewelry making (metalsmithing) and design. This venture seeks to cultivate a passionate community of professional jewelry designers and makers in Uganda, whose creations can thrive in both local and international markets. 

Judging Criteria

Hon. Rachel Magoola, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Forum for Creative Arts and one of the judges, stated, “The Challenge provided a vital platform for creatives to showcase their unique talents and original concepts.

“Our judging criteria were meticulously designed to identify and reward the most promising creative talents. The winners chosen demonstrate ideas that are highly adaptable, innovative, and sustainable. Their concepts were not only novel and imaginative but also practical and capable of being implemented effectively.”

She added, “The ideas align with the broader goals of the creative economy as per the government agenda, thereby contributing to its expansion and dynamism.

“This initiative not only celebrates the diverse nature of our creative disciplines but also provides a platform that empowers creatives to take advantage of the myriad opportunities within the sector. By providing a stage for innovation and creativity, the Challenge fosters a vibrant cultural landscape that drives economic growth and social transformation,” said Magoola. 

Winners Speak

According to Maganda Shakul, the team lead of Street Flash Mob, winning the grant is an opportunity to engage with indigenous communities across the country on the waste management challenges posed by rapid urbanization and population growth.

“With the grant, we will focus on empowering youth and adults in the districts of Jinja, Gulu, Mbarara, and Kampala by sharing knowledge and skills from professional artists necessary for effectively managing and repurposing waste materials. Through targeted waste management and recycling workshops facilitated in these areas, our initiative seeks to instill practical waste management techniques while simultaneously fostering creativity, self-confidence, and artistic expression,” Shakul said.

Gloria Awori, Founder of Gloria Awori Craft Studio, stated that the funds will be invested in expanding her contemporary jewelry schools to further grow the art community and enhance the adoption of local craftsmanship, skilling, and domestic jewelry production. 

Next Plans for the Winners

Marie Fordjoe, Lead of MoTIV West Africa, commented, “All participants exhibited passion for their projects; however, many needed more time to refine and polish their ideas.

“Beyond financial support, the winners will gain access to various capacity-building sessions here at MoTIV. They will benefit from mentorship, networking opportunities, and venture development tools, giving their ideas the best chance of evolving into sustainable and profitable businesses.”

The Africa Creative Challenge emphasized the adaptability of the concepts presented. Projects that can easily integrate into existing frameworks or inspire new ways of thinking within the creative sector are particularly valued. This holistic approach fosters the development of an innovative, resilient, and forward-thinking creative community in Uganda, Fordjoe said.


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