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Middle East Consultants Scoops Juicy Deal To Supply Ugandan Workers To McDonald’s Restaurant

Muyenga based labor recruiting company-Middle East Consultants Ltd has scooped a long term lucrative deal to supply at least 1,000 Ugandans annually to work as motor vehicle/cycle food delivery staff for  the world fast food  giant- McDonald’s –Saudi Arabia.

According to Andrew Seguya, Middle East Consultants Ltd, the Company’s Public Relations Officer, the interviews for the above jobs kicked off Saturday morning at their Muyenga based head offices.

The company is seeking to recruit the first batch of 400 young Ugandan males between the ages 22-35, who are likely to fly out of the country early January 2020 to work in the city of Riyadh-Saudi Arabia.

Seguya says that scooping this deal with McDonald’s was not an easy task for Middle East Consultants because the vetting process was very competitive since many Ugandan Companies and firms from other countries had all shown interests by bidding.

Excited Candidates who passed interviews posing in a photo shortly after their briefing in Muyenga on Saturday evening

“We are glad that we are ending 2019 with good news yet again that McDonald’s chose us as the best company with capacity to efficiently recruit a big number of candidates among those other companies that had applied for this contract,” Seguya boasted as he added that in the signed contract, Middle East Consultants is supposed to be recruiting for McDonald’s a number of Ugandans for ready employment every after 3 months.

Andrew Seguya, the Public Relations Officer at Middle East Consultants

He said that one thing that makes this offer exceptional is that it comes with free visas and air tickets for candidates who are will be earning Shs1.3M Per month coupled with a number of other benefits like free meals, accommodation, clothing and transportation to and from the work place.

The nature of job is that the candidate works for 9hours in a day and any extra time worked is paid as over time.

Seguya revealed that these Ugandans who are recruited on the basis of one being able to pass the test of Spoken English as a key requirement among others without necessarily focusing on the level of education will be signing a two year renewable contract which attracts a two months payable leave and gratuity after completion of the contract when the candidate doesn’t want to renew.

Guests from Saudi conducting interviews with one of the candidates at Middle East Consultants offices in Muyenga

It should be noted that this is the first time big global companies based in Saudi Arabia are starting to bring out their heads out to recruit Ugandans for employment ever since the general labor bilateral agreements between both governments were signed last year that focused on both professional and manual labor.

 Many companies have been involved in domestic workers supply since the domestic workers bilateral agreement had been signed earlier as most of the big companies seem to have been taking time to study content of the MOUs between both governments .

According to one female Arabic Interviewer we talked to on the sidelines of the ongoing interviews in Muyenga but declined to give us her names that she wasn’t in position to speak on behalf of her company, Middle East Consultants was picked because of the many recommendations that came from UAE based companies and businessmen backing Middle East as a company that has been known for long in the gulf as efficient, transparent and reputable with capacity to execute any task of recruiting and supplying Ugandans to any company in the world.

 McDonald’s is the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue, serving over 69 million customers daily in over 100 countries across 37,855 outlets as of 2018. Its headquarters are based in Chicago, USA.

By Amon Baita

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