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Mao, Mbidde Explain Why Age Limit Bill Is Misguided

The Democratic Party officials including Norbert Mao, the party’s President and his deputy Fred Mukasa Mbidde have explained why the ‘Age Limit Bill’ that seeks to amend Article 102 (b) by removing the 75 age cap for presidential candidates is misguided.

Appearing before the Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs on Tuesday afternoon to give his views on age limit bill, Mao wondered how the constitution can be amended under the prevailing circumstances in the country.

He said the bill is very unpopular yet the environment is very hostile, with police taking the lead in stifling dissenting views.

He noted that this is making it impossible for opposing voices to raise their concerns.

He noted that the Bill is a prosecution before Parliament with President Museveni being the complainant, and the Constitution standing as the accused.

Meanwhile, Mbidde asked Parliament to uphold the spirit of the Constitution and protect Uganda from the dark days of history.

Mbidde says the view that the current constitution is discriminatory as fronted by the proponents of the Bill is not a legal position of the laws of Uganda and that the provisions of the constitution were instead meant to qualify one as president of Uganda.

He also says that Uganda is not the only country where limitations are provided for in the constitution.

It is worth noting that article 102b provides for 35 years as lower age cap and 75 years as an upper cap for one to qualify as president. The controversial Bill was fronted by Igara West MP, Raphael Magyezi.


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