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Man Posing As Parliament Staff Arrested Over Shs20m Extortion

The Police at Parliament Wednesday afternoon arrested Francis Malinga who attempted to extort money from a government official.

Malinga, who was armed with a fake whistleblower’s letter addressed to the Chairperson of the Committee of Public Accounts (Commission, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises, alleged that he was a staff who would help the official have his name cleared.

Malinga,47, alleged that the government official had amassed unexplained wealth and that if he paid Shs20m he would be cleared by the Committee.

The official reported the matter to the administration of Parliament who in turn informed the Police at Parliament.

“The Police arrested Malinga as he waited to pick the money at the restaurant on Jinja Road in Kampala,” a statement from Clerk of Parliament reads.

It adds: “The Clerk to Parliament urges the public to be vigilant against any person who purports to be employees of Parliament. The staff of Parliament have no mandate to clear or personally handle the matter before a Committee.

The public is urged to report any concerns of unethical by staff or anyone purporting to be a staff of Parliament to the following contacts.”

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