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Kole: Farmers Asked To Embrace Cocoa Growing

Kole District officials have asked farmers to embrace cocoa growing.

Currently, around 145 farmers in Lango are cultivating the crop.

During a field trip to Trinity Mixed Farm located in Rego-rego trading center in Dokolo district Andrew Awany, the LCV Chairperson explained that the District will provide seeds for the councilors whose only responsibility is to prepare their land.

He also said that the farmers will only agree to grow the crop when councilors start.

Each councilor is expected to prepare not less than 3 acres of land.

He explained that the community embraces programs when they see leaders getting involved.

Esther Ogwal Ogwang, a councilor representing Aboke sub county and Town council is excited about the iniative. She says that it will in the long run elevate their financial status unlike other crops they have been growing.

Denis Odoc, the Speaker Kole District Local Government who is also a commercial farmer and produce dealer says that , the presence of trees is an added advantage because it will provide shade to his cocoa plants.

Solomon Adim, the farm manager Trinity Mixed Farm explained that the farm is trying to get an identity crop for Lango sub region, Northern and Eastern Uganda as a whole, a reason why they are promoting cocoa growing.

Adding that cocoa having two peak seasons is an opportunity for farmers to reap big.

Fred Ogwal, the clan chief of Inomo clan and owner of Trinity Mixed Farm encouraged the councilors to diversify their source of livelihood.

According to Ogwal, cocoa should be grown not only as a crop for money but also for preserving the environment.

A cocoa tree can live up to 100 years, but most trees only provide marketable cocao beans for about 25 years.


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