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Kenya Bans Unvaccinated Passengers From Uganda To Contain COVID-19 Spread

Kenya only wants fully vaccinated passengers from Uganda

Kenya has asked airlines to carry into the country only COVID-19 fully vaccinated travelers/passengers from Uganda in a move to  contain the spread of COVID-19.

As a result, airlines are issuing travel advisory to passengers, urging them to travel with their COVID-19 vaccination cards/certificates.

In a travel advisory to passengers, Uganda Airlines says: “Entry into Kenya has been restricted to only COVID-19 fully vaccinated passengers. Passengers travelling into Kenya are advised to carry their COVID-19 vaccination cards.”

It is understood that the move by Kenya through Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) took effect from 21st December 2021.

“All passengers arriving into Kenya through any point of entry must have certificate of COVID-19 vaccination. Travelers below the age of eighteen (18) years are exempt from this requirement,” KCAA’s notice to airlines seen by this website, reads in part.

Uganda Airlines flies to Nairobi, Kenya twice a day. This means that the national carrier flies to Kenya 14 times in a week. Nairobi is one of the lucrative routes for Uganda Airlines.

The national carrier also flies to Mombasa thrice a week.

According to Ministry of Health, Uganda has a total of 11,377,067

COVID-19 doses administered. However, Ugandans that are fully vaccinated remain low.

These are tough times for airlines considering the fact that on 28th December 2021 the United Arab Emirates (UAE) suspended flights from Uganda to Dubai until further notice over a surge in COVID-19. 

Dubai is one of the top four routes from Entebbe International Airport, with an average of 17 flights a week. These flights are operated by Uganda Airlines, Emirates, Fly Dubai, Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airlines.

The recent announcements by UAE and Kenya are set to impact on revenues of airlines as the number of passengers traveling will automatically reduce.

One thought on “Kenya Bans Unvaccinated Passengers From Uganda To Contain COVID-19 Spread

  1. It is a harsh decision made by the Kenyan Government. What about the unvaccinated Kenyans entering into Uganda?

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