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Kasingye: Bagyenda Didn’t Break Any Law ‘Fleeing’ Uganda

Embattled former Executive Director-Supervision at the Bank of Uganda (BoU), Justine Bagyenda didn’t break any law while reportedly  leaving the country , Assistant Inspector General of Police, Asan Kasingye, Chief Political Commissar, has said.

He says Bagyenda didn’t have any court order slapped against her, barring her from leaving the country.

“I thought that COSASE was probing BOU. However, unless under arrest or orders of court, she’s free to travel anywhere she wishes,” Kasingye said.

Asan Kasingye’s tweet

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He made the remarks on his twitter handle while responding to a question posed by one user, Darious Busingye, who asked: “How did Justine Bagyenda leave the country when she was under probe? Isn’t here security at the airport? Or its order from above?”

The debate followed forceful adjournment of the meeting by Abdu Katuntu, Chairperson of the Committee of Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) after Bagyenda failed to show up.

She wrote to the Committee, saying that she had flown out of the country.

“This is to inform you that I will be out of the country from the evening of November 22, 2018, to attend to some engagements which I have confirmed before receipt of your letter Ref Gov. 902 dated 19th November 2018 regarding COSASE meeting,” Bagyenda wrote to COSASE boss Katuntu.

Kasingye also scoffed at Ugandans who think Interpol can be dragged into this drama.

“INTERPOL does not look for somebody who is already here in the country. So, why should INTERPOL look for her when she clearly informed them about her travel?” Kasingye asked.

He added: “She (Bagyenda) hasn’t even been charged in court for any criminal offence. No INTERPOL Red Notice can be issued without a court process.”

Kasingye, who has been buried in a tweeter storm and answering some questions from Ugandans on his official twitter handle also lashed out at statements made by some MPs, who questioned the security status of Bank of Uganda, saying such statements have reduced Uganda’s Central Bank to a shopping mall, where anyone can sneak out with documents.


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