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Fury As Andrew Mwenda Calls Besigye Fans ‘Hooligans, FDC Extremists’

Outspoken Ugandan journalist, Andrew Mwenda has hit out, again at the country’s opposition kingpin, Kizza Besigye branding the latter’s supporters hooligans, much to the chagrin of many.

Mwenda made these remarks in a Facebook post on Friday, a day after reggae artist Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine had swept the Kyadondo East By-election.

“First lesson: no amount of rigging can stop people power. Second lesson: Kizza Besigye and his hooligans have no people power. Third lesson: FDC extremists claiming anyone stole their votes are deluded,” Mwenda wrote.

He added, “Advice to FDC extremists: Go to the people and get their support first. Stop lying to yourselves that someone steals your votes.”

Before Friday’s post, the veteran journalist had taken a break in attacking Besigye who he continuously labels a perennial loser.

He however, admitted that the despite state deploying military forces to win the Kyadondo poll, Bobi Wine won.

FDC supporters did not take Mwenda’s post lightly and took to his comment section to hit back at the journalist.

Below are some of the responses

Richard W Kanene You lost the battle against Besigye sometime back. Concentrate on analyzing Rwanda politics for now. You also admitted it’s where you are much more knowledgeable & informed (in your previous post);

Martin ‘Bigbro’ Baluku Hmmm, Mwenda is just trying to become relevant by becoming more irrelevant with his bogus and biased opinions! He forgets that when Bobi Wine won, Opposition in general won and NRM lost! This is something Mwenda didnt want to bring to people’s attention!

Stefano Kareebe Sometimes I pity people who impose self intellectualism, at one point you are criticizing Besigye for having the support of hooligans of which Bobi Wine is among and at the same time you claim that Bobi Wine has defeated Besigye hooligans. Mr in my opinion you have lost the sense of political Dynamics of the country


One thought on “Fury As Andrew Mwenda Calls Besigye Fans ‘Hooligans, FDC Extremists’

  1. Fred

    Mwenda is very right Besigye is not faithful at all, he claimed that he will never contest when the electoral reforms are not implemented, he vow never to go to court again claiming that courts are biased but he was again lamenting that Museveni bared him from presenting his election case to court. Museveni should continue as president of this country because you can now tell what kind of person wants to enter state house very unfaithful.Then those who don’t analyse issues correctly follow. What a pitty. For Kyagulanyi, you can’t say you support 2 candidates, Besigye was for Kantinti although he claimed that who ever wins it will be the opposition that has won, then why didn’t he support Muwada, but he goes for Kantinti who even faulted electoral regulations, never the less court is biased when the judgement is not in his favour. But that is Besigye contradicting himself.

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