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Fairway Hotel Leaves Guests Yearning For More On Valentine’s Day

Located along Kafu Road, Nakasero, Kampala Uganda, Fairway Hotel, home to Asian Fusion Restaurant,a fairy-tale weddings and honeymoons’ hub, on February 14, 2021, registered another unforgettable moment in their customers’ experience that have since left them looking forward for next year’s valentine’s day.

On this day, Fairway with a treasure trove of unique Indian and Chinese foods that are designed not only to excite your eyes but your taste buds too had organized a Coco pool bar as one of the valentine’s day events to excite its clients.

Finally, as the sunny morning flashed Kampala hills, couples started flocking romantic hotel rooms to harvest the fruits of their togetherness as the hotel staff were seen footing in and out trying to make sure their clients are well-served under a first-come, first-serve basis.

Summarizing the beauty and fanciful services mercilessly splashed to every couple that saw their romantic day ending at the hotel, in the late evening the hotel had organized a variety of events among them including  “shades of love by the pool”, love poetry by Diego the Dark Knight, romantic three-course poolside dinner, one-night stay+breakfast, valentines cocktails+two and glasses of wine.

Well, if you think that Hotel workers should only master the art of cooking and serving delicious food to their clientele, then you need fresh lectures from the gorgeous, Fairway hotel female staff.

On this day, guests were treated to surprise performances from both the hotel’s female and male staff. What mesmerized guests more was when beautiful staff and their male counterparts joined the hired processional dances on stage in their hotel uniforms and wiggled their waists like there was no tomorrow.

“These girls looked like real dancers in Hotel uniform. I am telling you the truth I was left yearning for more. I and my wife were treated to seductive dances punctuated with pole dance, ‘no-mosquito pass’ slow dance moves to rock enroll all well packaged for our total satisfaction,” a satisfied client said.

Later on, the hotel served a flavourful dinner to its clients that seemed to be in the mood for more dances from hotel staff and were later accompanied with all tribes of wines and cocktails that really worked on the ‘lower departments’ (I know you clicked that..) of their guests that left them asking for more and more.

Finally, late in the night, the hotel opened doors of its contemporary style, standardized, comfortable double bedrooms for the couples to enter and visit the romantic garden of Eden till morning without any interruption.

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