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Eight Basic Ways To Last In Commercial Farming

By Samuel Kanagwa

Unless you know and apply some basic principles, you cannot last in any business including farming.

There is no point in going into any business if we cannot do what it takes to last and be successful in it.

Below are the 8 basic ways to LAST in farming you should know.

 Develop the passion

Only passion can take you far into any business including farming. Without having the passion, you will not last in farming. Passion is the energy that will drive you to success no matter the difficulty you face.

Be committed to continuous learning

You will not go far in farming without wisdom, knowledge and understanding. It is easy to learn these days with so many useful FREE seminars all over the place. You can never learn enough in improving your farming business.

 Take it that problems will come

No matter how good you may be, problems will still visit you on the farm. The difference is that great farmers usually turn their problems into opportunities for growth and more profits.

 Apply sound business principles

You must know that farming is a business to succeed in it. A farmer should be grounded in sound business principles.

 Be a marketer

What is the point of having products when you cannot turn it into money? Farmers in Uganda today must be sound marketers if they want to succeed. The middle men are blood suckers and only a wise farmer can outwit them!

Keep re-investing your profits

Cash flow and profits are important elements of any business. Business success is not about how much money you make; it is how much money you keep and reinvest.

Watch your health

Health they say is wealth. Farmers should constantly monitor their health and not internalize the pains and struggles associated with farming.

Enjoy what you do

Learn to enjoy the whole process. Take it as an adventure. Any business that cannot be taken as an adventure will ultimately burden the owner.

The author is a commercial farmer. He grows passion fruits, cocoa, coffee, vanilla and rears goats

One thought on “Eight Basic Ways To Last In Commercial Farming

  1. omitta samson

    I think want His Excellency said is true but to an ordinary peasant realizing this is quite a challenge. What he needs to do is to support prospective farmers to achieve the $ acre model farm.
    How I would like to make this clear that unless His excellency intensifies on monitoring of government programs, all his efforts are bound not to yield.
    Much time and resources are given to paper work and less in real implementation of the projects, otherwise these things are quite possible as the president puts it.

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