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DFCU Bank Could Lose 46 Branches To Sudhir

Crane Bank

Meera Investiments has dragged Dfcu Bank to Land Division of the High Court, seeking to reclaim its 46 branches that were allegedly acquired illegally countrywide following the dissolution of Crane Bank.

Should court agree with the arguments of Meera Investiments, all the 46 country wide Dfcu Bank branches will be closed and reverted to them.

Also sued alongside Dfcu Bank, is the Commissioner of land registration.

In their suit , Meera Investimemt contends that it’s the rightful owner of the 46 branches formerly trading as Crane Bank and that for any transfer to have been effected to Dfcu Bank, it’s consent should have first been sought.

Commissioner land registration has been faulted for having connieved with Dfcu Bank to transfer the leases of the 46 properties into the latter’s names without the written prior consent of Meera, a move they say is null and void.

Meera Investments, which is one of the entities owned by business tycoon, Sudhir Ruparelia, wants court to declare that the continued presence of Dfcu Bank on its properties, amounts to trespass and that they should be ordered to vacate with immediate effect.

Turning to the commissioner land registration, Meera Investiments wants court to direct them to immediately cancel out Dfcu Bank as being the right full owner of those suit properties and reinstate them as the rightful owners.

Meera in its law suit, avers that at the time when Bank of Uganda (BoU) took over the management of then Crane Bank, now under recievership, in October 2016 before it’s eventual sell to Dfcu, was the lessee of the suit properties and paying $6,000 every beginning of the year.

Meera adds that by transferring the same properties to Dfcu Bank without their prior written consent, is illegal.

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