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Defiant Winfred Kiiza: I’m Still Leader Of Opposition

The Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Winfred  Kiiza has said she is yet to receive official communication to vacate her office.

Last week, the opposition FDC party leadership  announced changes in the shadow cabinet in parliament.

FDC president Patrick Oboi Amuriat replaced the Kasese Woman MP with Betty Aol Ochan, the Gulu Municipality.

Speaking to journalists at Parliament this afternoon,  Kiiza, who sounded frustrated first thanked journalists for cooperating with her before attacking her party’s working style.

“The news of the changes in leadership came at the time I was out of the country. I had represented Parliament in my capacity as LoP in California.

I actually wanted to find out whether there was any communication that happened while I was away. To my disappointment, I didn’t find any communication to that effect,” Kiiza said.

She added: “I have tried to find out around Parliament whether there is any communication; no communication yet has come to Parliament. I tried to reach out to my leader- the Party President; I haven’t been successful in reaching out to him.”

She noted that for now she can’t  comment as to whether there have been changes or not.

“I still remain speculating because I am reading it from the Media. And like I have told you, I wasn’t in the meeting at the Party headquarters that decided, nevertheless, I have enjoyed serving as Leader of the Opposition,” she said, adding: “I know it is work that I have done with the support of all Ugandans. If there are changes, I would like to congratulate my party for that and I would welcome my sister Aol to take up the position.”

She concluded: “For now, I wouldn’t like to talk about details of what we are going to do, what we intend to do because I am equally speculating like other Ugandans. I hear about changes, I am not informed about changes, I therefore can’t substantively comment on changes I haven’t been informed about.”

In a separate statement to her  friends, fans and supporters, Kiiza said: “As a person who believes in institutions, am yet to be officially told about the said changes. At the moment we are still in office until such a time when we receive official communication.”


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