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Daring Thieves Raid Gen. Guti’s Farm For Third Time, Make Off With 40 Cows

The Court Martial Chairperson Lt General Andrew Guti

Rustlers have for the third time raided the farm of the General Court Martial Chairman, Gen. Andrew Guti in Napak district and made off with 40 cows.

The rustlers stormed the farm in Lorengechora sub-county on Tuesday night, which has left everyone wondering about their courage.

Two months ago, rustlers raided the General’s farm and made off with 130 cows but they were recovered by the army.

In January, the warriors torched Guti’s orange garden and broke into his home where they attempted to steal a tractor.

Speaking about the Tuesday evening raid, Guti’s relative, Jacob Yeno, said the rustlers were many and armed with guns.

“They came at around 8 pm armed with guns and attacked us, by the time army came, they had moved with cows,“ he said.

He, however, says that they have traced the footmarks of the cattle to Nabilatuk district.  

Kelementina Nakiru, a neighbour to Gen. Guti’s farm, says that the raiders are now well connected with cattle traders, adding that after raiding animals they load them on trucks.

“This is now organized crime and I don’t know what the government is going to do about this, we are tired, we have lost many animals,” she said.

Capt Edrin Mawanda, the UPDF 3rd Division Spokesperson confirmed the raid on Guti’s farm.

“Yes, it’s true the Gen. farm was raided and the warriors took 40 cows, which our soldiers are following them up,” he said.



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