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Crispin Kaheru Resigns As CCEDU Coordinator

Crispin Kaheru, the Coordinator of Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU) has resigned his position to begin a new phase in his professional life.

Launched on August 19th, 2009, CCEDU is a broad coalition that brings together over 800 like-minded civil society organizations and over eight thousand individuals to advocate for electoral democracy in Uganda. The overriding agenda of this coalition is to advocate and promote integrity, transparency and active citizen participation in Uganda’s electoral process.

In his letter 11th September 2019 to  Dr. Miria R.K. Matembe, the Chairperson, CCEDU, Kaheru (pictured) says he has fulfilled his personal pledge at CCEDU.

“Madam Chair, this letter serves as notice that I will be resigning from my position as the Coordinator of the Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU) with effect from Friday 11th October 2019 at 5:30pm (17:30hours). Please note that 11th October 2019 will mark exactly nine (9) years since I became the Coordinator of CCEDU,” he writes.

He adds: “On assuming that role, at the age of 26, I made a personal commitment to serve in this position for a maximum of nine (9) years; so now, having fulfilled my personal pledge, it is time for me to begin a new phase in my professional life.”

The letter highlighted a number of achievements he has registered over the years.

He says  CCEDU has recruited and retained enthusiastic professional staff, who are capable of delivering on the Coalition’s mandate. 

“CCEDU’s staff profile has grown from two (2) volunteers in 2009 to 15 full-time staff in 2019. CCEDU has over the years striven to build the most talented and dedicated team for the Secretariat. Besides the Secretariat, CCEDU has built a robust human resource pool in every district of Uganda. Although this network is not formally a part of the Secretariat, its role feeds directly into the work of the Secretariat on a daily basis and has kept CCEDU on top of political and electoral developments in the country every day,” he says.

 He adds: “At senior managerial level, both Ms. Charity Ahimbisibwe, currently the Head of Communication and Mr. Ivan Mwaka, the Head of Elections, have the competencies and skills to execute major organizational decisions, manage overall operations and resources of CCEDU, and act as the focal point of communication between the Board of Directors and the Coalition.  In fact, they have reliably held fort when I have been away on mission. I am confident that I leave behind a team that is first and foremost committed to the cause of CCEDU, but also more importantly, a team with unparalleled experience and expertise in managing electoral matters of the country and the region at large.”

 Kaheru notes that his  final year (2019) at CCEDU has focused on overseeing institutional reforms to make the Coalition and its structures more vibrant and supportive of CCEDU’s mission.

“In a meeting held on 6th September 2019, I extensively shared with you the institutional reforms that I have been able to effect – as well as my strategic vision for CCEDU. I sincerely hope that both the reforms so far implemented and elements in the strategic vision discussed will further set CCEDU on a firm path to continue effectively championing the necessary electoral reforms, election monitoring and voter mobilisation/education,” he says..

He adds: “… it is my most sincere hope that CCEDU remains an independent and objective player so that it retains the confidence of the citizens of Uganda. Despite the pressures that characterise Uganda´s political terrain, CCEDU should always strive to remain on the side of truth and on the path of integrity.”

Taddewo William Senyonyi
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