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Chinese Embassy Reinforces Operation Wealth Creation

The Chinese Ambassador to Uganda Zheng Zhugiang has said his country will do whatever it takes to help Uganda’s efforts of attainment of the middle income status.

Speaking during a function to hand over two pickups to Operation Wealth (OWC) Creation on Monday, Zhugiang said they will always be available to help Uganda.

“Ugandans are hardworking and don’t wait for government to provide to them,” Zhugiang noted.

“We want to help this country to transform from subsistence to commercial agriculture. “

He explained that because the biggest percentage of the population is employed in agriculture directly and indirectly, it is wise that the sector is supported.

“Operation Wealth Creation is working to raise household incomes of the people and I hope this support will also come in handy to help in the running of the activities.”

He said China will continue cooperating with Uganda in a number of programs including commercialization of agriculture.

The Chinese Ambassador also mentioned agriculture, industry, medicine, education, security and human resource development as key sectors that his country will invest in as part of the cooperation between the two countries.

OWC was started in 2013 to revitalise government agencies to execute their mandates in order to transform the lives of  68% of households in the country who are engaged in subsistence agriculture by converting them into commercial farmers.

According to the envoy, China is willing to share experiences and technologies in agricultural development in Uganda to “add value and create more jobs as a way of increasing the household incomes.”

The Deputy Chief coordinator of OWC, Gen. Charles Angina said the program has since its inception spread to all parts of the country.

“We started with Luweero, Rwenzori and Mt.Elgon sub regions and now we have caused the whole country to yearn for the services of Operation Wealth Creation,” Gen.Angina said.

“By 2020, we will have lifted the country to middle status income,” Gen Angina added.

According to Gen Angina despite some challenges, OWC has been able to make big strides and many farmers around the country have benefitted. He thanked the Chinese government for the gesture and said the donated vehicles handed over at OWC headquarters in Bwebajja are a big boost to the operation.

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