Monday, June 26, 2017

Matembe Wants Foreign Sex Abusers Castrated

A former government minister in Uganda has called for the castration of foreign businessmen who sexually abuse female employees.

The call from Miria Matembe, former minister of ethics and integrity, came after she heard the testimony of two women who said they had been sexually abused at work, the newspaper reports.

One woman said she was forced to perform sex acts on her boss over a period of two years, while another  said she was shut in her boss’s office and abused while his gun rested on the table.

At a press conference organised by activists campaigning against sexual harassment, Ms Matembe said:

I didn’t know that our women are being dehumanised to this level by these so-called investors under our nose. This degradation is turning Ugandans into nothing in their country.”

 The Foundation for Human Rights Initiative said the proposal would help deliver justice for abused women.

One of the woman said that when she reported the case to police, she was told it was normal for a boss to ask his employees for sex.


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