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55 Years Later, Uganda Remains A Poor Country With Poverty On The Rise

October 9, 2017 marks 55 years since Uganda attained independence from Britain. However, the desire to be politically, economically and socially independent largely remains a dream. While it’s true that Uganda has witnessed unprecedented political turmoil (largely caused by Ugandans themselves) which has negatively devastated the economy, many Ugandans still feel the

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Uganda @55: Economy Largely Dependent On Foreign Companies

In the run up to Uganda’s 55th independence anniversary celebrations scheduled for October 9, 2017, Business Focus will be running stories about the economic progress the East African country has made. Uganda attained independence from Britain on October9, 1962. And to attain full economic independence, the then President Idi Amin expelled

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Safaricom Sacks 52 Workers As It Steps Up Fight Against Fraud

Kenya's top  telecoms operator Safaricom sacked 52 employees suspected of involvement in fraudulent activities in the year ended March, reports the Daily Nation newspaper. The number is 16 more than the 36 it sent home the previous year. Safaricom, which is Kenya’s most profitable company, said those dismissed were involved in asset

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