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2017 Budget: Government Scraps Off Tax on Irrigation Equipment, Animal Feeds

Uganda’s Shs30trn budget for the Financial Year 2017/18 is set to benefit farmers than ever before. The budget being discussed by Parliament is expected to be passed and approved soon. If passed in its current form, it will see a number of taxes on key agricultural items including irrigation equipment and animal

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22 Profitable Agribusiness Ideas That Will Make You Rich

There’s no doubt that agribusiness is a profitable enterprise considering the fact that the world’s population is increasing at a faster rate. This means that demand for agricultural products is certainly guaranteed yet land remains fixed, giving an opportunity to those with it to make clean money. In this article, Business

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Revealed: 10 Crops That Will Make You A Millionaire In 2017

Agribusiness is increasingly becoming lucrative in Uganda. And a number of unemployed Ugandans are embracing agribusiness for income generation, while the employed ones are into  farming to supplement their earnings. It is important to note that 69.4% of Uganda’s population is still practicing subsistence farming, according to the 2014 National Population

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