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Volcanic Tremors Hit Rwanda Prompting People To Flee

Residents are waiting for buses to leave Gisenyi town

People are fleeing their homes in Rwanda’s western town of Gisenyi as volcanic tremors continue.

The tremors follow Saturday’s eruption of Mount Nyiragongo in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Rwanda Seismic Monitor reported earthquakes and tremors on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

The authorities have appealed for calm and said they are taking measures to assist people in danger after dozens of houses were destroyed.

Schools, banks, markets and shops have closed in Gisenyi. Some residents spent Tuesday night in the open out of fear that their houses might collapse.

More people were seen on Wednesday morning at the town’s main taxi park trying to leave Gisenyi towards the east.

The town’s hospital has moved patients from its wards to other hospitals in western and northern Rwanda.

“The situation is really bad; we are in fear since Saturday. Look at my houses, they are all down now, we want the government to come and help,” said resident Mwajuma Gakuru.


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