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Victoria University Enters Into Collaboration With Top Indian Universities

Kampala based Victoria University has signed letters of intent (MoUs) with top universities from Gujarat State in India.

This will see the Universities cooperate in areas of innovation, E-commerce, incubation programmes to support starts-ups and technical support to start-ups.

This follows a delegation of officials from Ministry of Education and Gujarati India. The delegation that visited Victoria University on Monday included Vibhavariben Dave, Minister of State for Education Department, Government of Gujarat, Anju Sharma IAS, Principal Secretary (edu) Government of Gujarat, High commissioner, Indian Embassy, Vice Chancellor, Dr Himanshu Pandya, Paresh Dave, Joint Director-of technical education, Rajesh Patel,  Representative of Marwadi Universitiy ( Lead University) and other 10 representatives from India.

Some of the Universities Victoria University has already  entered into MoUs with include GANAPAT University, MARWADI University and Sankalchand Patel University

Victoria University Vice Chancellor,  Prof. Krishna N. Sharma said Gujarat State has got 70 Universities but government chose only top 16 to visit the fast growing Victoria University.

Victoria University has signed MoUs with various Universities from India

“We had two categories of collaboration; one with the Ministry of Education where we have a collaboration called I-Hub  or innovation Hub, so we have signed an intent of collaboration where we are going to do joint innovations, joint research  and sharing resources etc,” he said, adding: “We are going to sign more MoUs with other universities tomorrow, we have special  scholarships for Victoria students and alumni and other areas are to explore opportunities  to do joint research, joint publications, exchange of staff and students.”   

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