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Uganda’s Top Marketeers To Be Recognized At Marketing Excellence Awards

The organizers of the awards in a group photo with the sponsors and some of the judges

In a bid to boost professionalism within the marketing sector, Evolve Africa has unveiled the Uganda Marketing Excellence Awards  2022 with the aim of recognizing excellence in business growth through marketing.

According to Evolve Africa, players in the marketing sector have until 14th October 2022 to submit their applications in the 11 categories including; best advertising campaign, best digital campaign, best Public Relations Campaign, Best Innovation, Best Experiential  Marketing, Best Agency of the Year, Best marketing campaign of the year and most accomplished individual of the year among other awards.

While announcing the awards at Serena Hotel in Kampala today, Joseph Ntale, Marketing and Brand Manager at National Social Security Fund (NSSF) justified the decision to sponsor the awards, saying the recognition is in line with NSSF’s vision of promoting professionalism and excellence in marketing in order to help businesses grow.

“NSSF is a brand which believes in professionalism, hard work and professionalism to put an effort and ensure that professionalism within work spaces improves. We feel this is adding a big brick to the marketing profession. And we know that if we continue doing these little things into the bigger things, we shall continue we shall make marketing a good profession to showcase our marketing both in Uganda and global scene.

The Chief Marketing and Brand Manager at Centenary Bank, Immaculate Ngulumi said the decision of the Bank to sponsor the awards is based on the institution’s goals of supporting youth and women who form the biggest figure in marketing, adding that the awards will go a long way towards professionalizing marketing in Uganda to help businesses grow.


“We pride ourselves in doing business professionally. Marketing is a profession where all people think they can sell and they think only about the products, but they forget the hours of work and research, finding out, getting involved with the customer mind, finding out what products they want to consume and give it the way they want isn’t easy,” she explained.

Lorraine Tukahirwa, Marketing Manager Vision Group noted that the core values of Vision Group is excellence and encouraged marketeers to ensure that when they put up campaigns, it isn’t about how many times you run the campaigns but how their customers engage with their brands.

“It isn’t about the number of times you have run the campaign but the but it comes down to the impact, how impactful to the people who have been able to access are they taking in the brand the way you want them to take it in? Through our sponsorship, we are offering extensive coverage let us celebrate your success with you. We all know that marketing is underestimated and not appreciated and yet when it comes down to success in businesses, marketing contributes a lot,” said Tukahirwa.

Out of the 11 slots up for awards, the public will be able to decide on 7 slots while the jury will take decision on 4 slots.

The panel of juries comprise of top marketeers like NSSF’s Barbra Arima, Rogers Anguzu, Dr. Ben Mugerwa, Immaculate Ngulumi, John Paul Okwi and Jackie Namara, with many welcoming the awards arguing that these will bring marketeers together and protect their turf so that not everyone walks in to do what they want but use the awards ceremony to streamline things in marketing.


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